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Seman Volume

It is believed that it was the dozens of oysters Casanova ate daily that made him the most famous lover to ever live. Many believed that he was French, even though he was truly Italian. This is because he spent a very large part of his life seducing the maidens of the French Royal Court.

Seman Volume – Are oysters a Mighty Aphrodite?

Seman Volume – This is a question that has been debated for centuries. History shows that the person who loves oysters says its a fact, while the person who hates oysters says its a myth. The reason the oyster has such a hard time living up to its reputation is that it can be a disconcerting experiences for a novice to eat an oyster. The taste and texture of an oyster is most certainly an acquired taste. Plus, if a person tries an oyster for the first time during the wrong time of the year, it can be slightly milky, and he/she will probably never want to eat another on. Seman Volume – However, if a novice tries them during the right season and with a few condiments, they will more than likely want to eat them every chance they can. Just the thought of them can make a person drool like a dog waiting to get a tasty treat. Throughout history numerous gourmets have sworn that oysters are the best hor d’oeuves and that no food can get the gastric juices flowing any better then them.

Seman Volume – Can you have the affects of an oyster without having to eat them?

Seman Volume – Are you the type of person who believes oysters look like something a person with emphysema might have coughed up? There is good news for you. There is an effective alternative for those who can even imagine going through the oral sensation again or ever. You can easily get an oyster extract powder from the internet.

Seman Volume – Want to know more about this amazing powder?

Seman Volume – Most times oyster extract powder is the dried meat of an oyster, ground up and put in a capsule. However, some brands include the shell and do not have a trusted quality. Seman Volume – Still others are found in the form of a pill, which is made up primarily of binders and excipients containing absolutely no nutritional value. If you look, though, you will be able to find the ones that are made using the fresh oyster meat ingredients, without the taste or texture.

Do all brands have a high quality?

Seman Volume – There are very few brands which are truly high quality when it comes to how potent they are. This is because many manufacturers harvest the oysters during the time of year when they are full of glycogen starch. The high concentration of glycogen starch, limits the amount of the quality trace minerals and causes them to be less potentate. Seman Volume – These are usually the brands originating in Chine, New Zealand, and Japan and are usually cheaper. Other manufacturers understand this fact and make sure the oysters they harvest are taken during the time of year when the trace elements like zinc are at maximum. This makes the oyster extracts as close in effect to an actual raw oyster.

It all about the zinc!

Seman Volume – The potency of an oyster is basted on the concentration of these trace elements, especially zinc. Of all sources of zinc, oysters are the highest due to how much they need to regulate physiological functions which are unique to the oyster. Seman Volume – Scientists are still not sure exactly what zinc does for the oyster, but they are certain of the high level of zinc in an oyster. For a man, zinc is needed for improved testicular and prostate health. Seman Volume – This is the organ that contains more zinc than any other human organ. Using a zinc supplement has been proven to increase the level of free testosterone available in the blood, and, in effect, increases a mans libido, decreases fatigue, and increases sexual health. If a man is frequently deficient in zinc he can develop hypogonadism, which causes the testicles to shrink and stop functioning. You might also be interested in knowing that the levels of zinc in sperm is 700 times that in the blood. No one knows why this is true, but every ejaculation causes and adult male to lose about 0.7mg of zinc per milliliter of semen. Seman Volume – This means that each time a man ejaculates, he is losing several milligrams of zinc. Overtime, this can cause a man to become deficient of zinc and decrease his libido, if the zinc is not replenished. Seman Volume – Therefore, high levels of natural zinc provided by quality oyster extract powder can not only enhance your sexual vigor by increasing free testosterone levels, but also improve the health of your testicles and prostate giving you fuller ejaculations and the ultimate sexual health.

Are there other quality supplements for improved sexual health?

Seman Volume – Yes, you can find other herbal supplements out there that are shown to provide sexual benefits, but none can compare to the nutrients provide by the oyster that are specific to a man’s sexual health. Seman Volume – There are also many synthetic sex enhancing drugs in the Vxxx genre which claim to have wild effects, but they cannot replace the nutrients, like zinc, which are lost with each ejaculation.

Your best option is the oyster!

Seman Volume – Oyster extract powder is definitely the best supplement for men seeking good sexual health. All in all, oyster extract is a whole food. It gives you amino acids, vitamins, omega 3 &6 fish oils plus the 59 trace elements the body needs. Seman Volume – This includes the highest levels of natural organic zinc that can be found in any source of food.

Seman Volume – Just be sure that the brand you stand behind is one of great quality and a strong origin; one that shows strong respect and knowledge of the micro nutrients that should be included in the finished oyster extract. In other words, “Think before you zinc!”

Seman Volume

Seman Volume

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